Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Micro-frontends in React

Using Webpack Module federation to break free from monoliths in UI

Traditionally, web applications are built as monoliths. Complex applications are typically organized into smaller packages, but these are still bundled and built together as part of the given application deployment. Micro-frontends allow developers to break out from this model by allowing a single web application to be split into multiple projects that are built, deployed and updated separately and served from different web -servers but still able to seamlessly integrate with the given application.Large projects tend to have lots of teams and collaborators working on different parts of the same application within the same code repository. Managing and coordinating releases can be difficult, since everyone involved with the project works towards the same release schedule.

In this talk we will highlight how Micro-frontends can be architected in any project using Webpack's module federation feature.


Photo of Bipul Adhikari Bipul Adhikari