Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


AMENDMENT KubeOS: Container OS based on OpenEuler

A container operating system based on openEuler and a solution of cluster nodes upgrade

KubeOS is a lightweight operating system developed in the openEuler community for running containers and Kubernetes. This takl will introduce the KubeOS's OS image and Kubernetes cluster node upgrade solution and how to use KubeOS.

With widespread use of containers and Kubernetes, there are fewer requirements for operating systems. In addition, traditional operating systems maybe bring various problems like security, O&M overhead, and OS version splitting problems. This talk will discuss the current problems faced by OS management and upgrade and the concept of Container operating system. Then, share the design ideas and solutions of the container operating system KubeOS. Finally, introduce the architecture, functions, and use of KubeOS in detail. This talk is likely to be interesting to the O&M personnel, the system administrator, or anyone interested in how the OS of a cluster node becomes a cluster component.

This talk was amended on 3 February 2023 to swap the speakers, as the original speaker was unable to attend FOSDEM due to visa issues.


Photo of Antonio Paolillo Antonio Paolillo