Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Write Once, Run Anywhere... Well, What About Heterogeneous Hardware?

The emergence of heterogeneous hardware resources has posed a significant obstacle for the Java programming language to keep up with the “Write Once Run Anywhere” paradigm. The reality is that several parts of the Java Virtual Machine must be modified to make Java portable for execution on modern heterogeneous hardware, such as GPUs and FPGAs. To tackle that challenge, TornadoVM is implemented in the University of Manchester as an open-source software technology that enables OpenJDK and other JDK distributions to offload parts of Java applications onto heterogeneous hardware for parallel execution.

This talk will present the latest features of TornadoVM, and it will showcase examples of how the TornadoVM API can be utilized to abstract heterogeneous hardware and increase the performance of Java applications. The goal is to explain the basic terms of TornadoVM including all new API extensions, in order for developers to take advantage of heterogeneous hardware with minimal effort. Finally, this presentation will discuss how TornadoVM is used in research and industry for the acceleration of Java applications.


Photo of Thanos Stratikopoulos Thanos Stratikopoulos