Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Javascript for Privacy-Protecting Peer-to-Peer Applications

Usage of the I2P-SAM Javascript Library: Anonymized and End-to-End Encrypted Communication

Overlay networks (also sometimes called, inappropriately, "darknet") are able to anonymize peers and to fully encrypt all messages within a network. Creating a javascript application which is implementing true "privacy-by-design" is not that hard by using the I2P SAM library. This is the core developer of the library showing its usage and use cases.

The presentation has the following content:

  • Motivation: why I2P-SAM got developed (3')
  • Setting up the distributed overlay I2P network for testing (4')
  • Creating an application using the I2P-SAM library (10')
  • Use cases: wide range of peer-to-peer applications (3')
  • Q & A (5')


Photo of Konrad Bächler Konrad Bächler