Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Creative Freedom Summit Retrospective

The Creative Freedom Summit is a virtual event focused on promoting Open Source tools, spreading knowledge of how to use them, and connecting creatives across the FOSS ecosystem. The summit’s accomplishments and shortcomings will be examined in light of the first year of the event, along with potential changes for the following years to come.

The Creative Freedom Summit hosted by the Fedora Design Team is an annual virtual event to promote Open Source creative tools, features, and benefits of use. The Summit is a free -day event, with our first year kicking off on Tuesday, January 17th and running through Thursday, January 19th, 2023. Each day featured several informational sessions on various tools and topics related to Open Source creative software, as well as a social session to connect with other participants at the event.

The Creative Freedom Summit is open to anyone interested in learning more about Open Source tools, how and why to use them, as well as to connect with other creatives working in the Open Source ecosystem. As part of the organisational team, the summit’s accomplishments and shortcomings will be examined in light of the pilot year of the event. We hope that you will join us and hopefully get involved in the planning for the next one! Or perhaps you’ll be motivated to organize your own Open Source Design event.


Emma Kidney has been part of Red Hat’s Community Platform Engineering team since 2021. She is a designer at Red Hat’s Community Design Team. She utilizes FLOSS in every aspect of her work. She is a passionate advocate for accessibility and an active member of the Fedora community.

Jess Chitas joined Red Hat’s Community Platform engineering team in 2022 as a UX intern. Since then, she has been heavily involved with the Fedora Design Team as well as Red Hat’s Community Design Team. She specializes in creating logos and predominantly utilizes FLOSS in her designing process. She has created the new Nest, Flock and Hatch logos for Fedora’s different events as well as the new Fedora mascot Colúr. She has also created logos for the Fedora Mentor Summit as well as Fedora Gaming. Right now, she is working on the Fedora Brand Guidelines Booklet as well as webpage conversion for the book


Photo of Emma Kidney Emma Kidney