Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Controlling the web with a PS5 controller

Web APIs have come a long way. You can create web apps that interact with devices via USB or BlueTooth with the respective Web API. You can build games on the web that is controlled via controllers! Join me to learn how I hacked a PS5 controller to play web games.

The bridge between native apps and web apps is getting smaller and smaller, enabling developers to provide a native experience to their users. This is possible only because of the continuous work on the Web APIs. One such API is the WebHID API.

In this talk, I'll introduce the WebHID API. I'll share all the possibilities and issues with the API. The talk will be accompanied by a live demo. In the demo, I'll code a web game that is controlled via a PS5 controller.

The key takeaway will be the audience learning about the WebHID API which would hopefully get the community more involved!


Photo of Harshil Agrawal Harshil Agrawal