Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Interoperable Chat, Dutch Healthcare and the Digital Markets Act

About the pitfalls of interoperable chat

The Dutch government wanted an obligatory standard for chat interoperability in healthcare. I chaired the standardisation workgroup drafting that standard and have learned an awful lot about interoperable chats and about the pitfalls of mixing up policy making and standardisation.

Now the European Commission wants an obligatory standard for chat interoperability, this time because of the ‘Digital Service Act’. Lets have a look what to expect when writing that standard!

Sending a text message back and forth is pretty easy to standardise, but there is much more to chat, like avatars, sending pictures, stickers and emoji, message acknowledgment, ‘is typing’ messages, file transfer, end to end encryption and so on. Also some more interesting questions like: should it only be interoperable between some big organisations? Should only the s2s data streams be interoperable or also the c2s traffic? Lots of choices to make, I will draft an agenda for it!


Photo of Winfried Tilanus Winfried Tilanus