Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Breaking away from Big Tech

Using open source infrastructure in a convenient way

While a lot of open source projects should be praised for their commitment to openness, the topic of infrastructure is usually taboo, as many times it ends up that it’s in the hands of Big Tech companies/GAFAM. While the reasoning why small and medium teams do not move away from big (evil) tech platforms can sometimes be convenience, there can be monsters lurking in the shadows. In this presentation we will explore and celebrate the movement of independent, self-governed open source infrastructure providers, recognize some of the challenges in the path of libre infrastructure, and share how to migrate from tech oligopolies to open source cloud platforms without hassle.

Follow this short presentation if you are wondering why many projects that are working on open source software, open data, online privacy and open knowledge and not only, do not use Free Libre Open Source Software for their infrastructure.


Photo of Boris Budini Boris Budini