Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Keyoxide: verifying online identity with cryptography

A novel approach to secure decentralized online identity

Just as we need the ability to prove real-world identity, so will the need arise in the digital domain as the offline world slowly merges with the online world. But this time, let's improve on the concept and give people full sovereignty over their identity.

Keyoxide is a new decentralized tool to verify online identities using modern cryptography through a system of claims and proofs. People use it to establish a verifiable digital passport that links to all their online accounts. These passports can even be anonymous.

This talk briefly introduces the concept of online identity and explains how Keyoxide went about solving it in a decentralized way, using established cryptography standards and infrastructure, without needing blockchain-related technologies.


Photo of Yarmo Mackenbach Yarmo Mackenbach