Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Nurturing, Motivating and Recognizing Non-Code Contributions

When discussing contributions, we still see a lot of emphasis on the code contributions into project repositories. But the open source world is extensive and diverse, and everyone can find their place there. Your project will benefit from various experiences that non-coders can bring to the table. Isn’t that cool when you receive an issue with an interesting bug from the community, read about a user case in a blog or a review, or someone makes a video guide for your product? And more!

In this talk, we will look into different types of non-code contributions to the open source project. We will discuss how they can provide value to your project and team, and how to invite, engage and empower non-code contributors. We will cover various ways to find and measure those contributions and recognize individuals based on the experience that Percona Community Team gained working with non-code contributions to Percona repositories.


Aleks Abramova