Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Best Practices for Operators Monitoring and Observability in Operator SDK

This presentation is aimed for operator developers that plan to add or want to improve their operator monitoring. We will present best practices and new tools that will help you get the best monitoring for your operator with a shorter and easier implementation.

All operators start small.

Usually the first metrics that we add, to a new operator, are the basic ones that help us in the development process. When adding the first metrics, developers that are not yet experienced with monitoring, might add metrics that would later cause issues. Like, metrics names that would need to be changed, metrics code that would complicate the core operator code, etc and the same for Alerts.

This presentation will help developers to avoid pitfalls when implementing monitoring to their operator and will direct them for best practices and new tooling that we added to Operator SDK to assist developers in the first steps in implementing monitoring.


Photo of Shirly Radco Shirly Radco
Photo of João Vilaça João Vilaça