Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Uncover the Missing Link

Creating Clear Linkage between Open Source and Standards

We have a rich and evolving set of standards that we use to build and deploy interoperable systems. We also have a talented and productive open source community that creates code intended for use in these systems and their ongoing operation. The challenge is shifting from defining standards and writing code to knowing which standards to use and finding code that accelerates implementation and deployment of these standards. This challenge increases as we become more efficient at defining new standards and creating new open source projects. What if we could make it easier to navigate this landscape? What if we could create clear links between standards and code? This would make our open source and standards communities more productive. It would also make the great work they do more useful and rewarding. Fortunately, a set of practices is being defined and put in practice to make make it easy to identify and find open source code related to IETF standards. Join this session to learn what new mechanisms exist, how to use them, and to how help shape what comes next.


Photo of Charles Eckel Charles Eckel