Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


TurtleStitch - Coded Embroidery

Low Barriers & High Ceilings with Tech/Tex

This talk will provide a short introduction to TurtleStitch and the communities of educators and learners. While the use of TurtleStitch on formal educational settings (school) focuses on students in secondary education, in informal settings such as maker spaces or in individual use cases, there are also a lot of adult learners using TurtleStitch. The main benefit of TurtleStitch lies in the combination of coding and textile making and thus in its potential to address different interest groups. As part of the talk, some selected examples of designs by learners as well by educators and more advanced developers will be shown, highlighting how easy it is to get started using TurtleStitch as well as its potential generate highly complex design.


Photo of Andrea Mayr-Stalder Andrea Mayr-Stalder