Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


GNU poke beyond the CLI (Command Line Interface)

poked + pokelets = Better UI

GNU poke is about manipulating structured binary data. For a long time, the only available user interface (UI) for poke was the CLI interface. But that's not the case anymore! Now we have ‘poked’ and a lot of pokelets. ‘poked’ is the daemon responsible for enabling pokelets provide their UIs. This talk explains why this approach is a good and powerful idea and how it enables users to make their own task-specific UIs very fast, or extend GNU poke with more capabilities (like making GNU poke a more powerful Wireshark-like tool, or adding disassembly capabilities). pacme project (a suite of pokelets) and poke-el (an Emacs interface) will be presented as examples.


Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor