Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


tissue—the minimalist git+plain text issue tracker

GitHub is an extremely popular but proprietary git hosting service used by many free software projects. As a free software developer, do you wish to move to your own fully self-hosted git hosting service? Are you unable to do so because you find the GitHub issue tracker and website building features too convenient and useful? Are you frustrated with free software issue trackers and git hosting tools that require too much setup? Then, tissue is the minimalist issue tracker and project management system you've been waiting for!

With tissue, you write issues as free-form text in gemtext files and commit them into the git repo of your project. tissue comes with an excellent Xapian based search interface that lets you search through these issues using very natural and powerful queries. tissue comes with an easily self-hosted web interface, and even helps you with building a static site to show off your project. State is evil. So, apart from the project git repo, tissue is stateless. The web interface does not require a database. This makes it easy to deploy, backup, and is at the right level of complexity for small free software projects.

tissue is written in the delightful GNU Guile, if that's important to you!


Photo of Arun Isaac Arun Isaac