Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


I made a GameBoy emulator to learn about computers. And now I work with them...

A brief personal journey in emulator development (with a sprinkle of Rust and WebAssembly)

In the spring of 2020 a global pandemic forced us to remain indoors for some time, and in my case, I set to work on finally writing that GameBoy emulator... As a software developer without much of a formal background in computer architecture, this project served as a gentle and playful introduction to the topic (and perhaps it played some role in me eventually going to work with the ARM folks). This presentation is a playback of everything I managed to learn/discover during this process, some anecdotes, live demos, funny-looking glitches, Rust, WebAssembly, and (no promises here) perhaps a FOSDEM-exclusive ROM demo!


German Gomez