Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023

schedule makes kids happy magic .js coders helps you making canvas-apps, interacting books, games,..

Example and and en is made with zim. But also and others op what is called a ZimApp = Zapp = :-) Many video's on and articles on = => Kids can learn to code into , free and no login: but all adults that not can code also ofcourse. => Developers with for example. All code on = . Have a great <code> magic time with en with all comments why it is a good followup solution after! In a nutshell, Zim Kids is the most visual and rewarding way to introduce children to coding. It's never been easier to create beautiful interactivity with so little code.

The content is curriculum aligned and delivered in bite-sized chunks where students are introduced to a concept and immediately get to type some code and see stunning results. Support materials are exceptional too with a video library and sections dedicated to teaching and learning. Everything you need to teach programming on a plate. ZIMjs Greetings


Photo of Karel Rosseel Karel Rosseel