Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Literate Storytelling: Interpreting Syntaxes for Explorers

Demonstration of the use of syntaxes to facilitate the search of information

Examples include:

  • Explaining the principles of regular expressions for reading semi-structured data

  • Concepts surrounding hashes, syntaxes and tokens from the perspective of a body of documents

  • Using collections of Parsing Expression Grammars to solve problems

  • Justifications for datalisps as a representative form

  • Ideas regarding RDF from datalisps to create knowledge corridors

Operating environment includes:

  • TXR

  • Emacs-Hyperbole

  • Gemtext

  • Koutliner

  • Idutils

Previous talks

SmellyHTTP? HeyGemini!

A breakdown of the relative advantages of the Gemini protocol over Http in terms of complexity. Includes using Guix packages for comparing the minimalist package environment of Gemini tools.

Knowledge Management Through Minimal Syntaxes: Appreciating How Terse Syntaxes Are Capable of Being Combined In Unexpected Ways

Impressionist look at minimalist syntaxes, and how it is possible to combine them.

From the perspective of the formats Gemtext and Hyperbole. Includes the interoperability of TXR syntax inside Gemtext documents, and the abilty to 'compile' TXR laced Gemtext documents implicitly, without any additional coding.

Annotate Yr'self

Monologue concerning the consternations of knowledge management, and the use of notations as a modern alternative to the potential of social bookmarking - with the underpinning of terse interfaces and search queries

Knowledge management and problem solving through combining terse syntaxes

Overview of the Icebreaker knowledge management environment, as a suite of interlocking formats and tools - backed by the use of Qiuy annotations.

L'Union Qiuy fait la force

Breakdown of the atomic nature of Qiuy as an annotation for noting. Demonstration of its functionality in a directory pathway form. Articulation of some of its potential, including with regards to graphs; interfaces; and as a currency of knowledge recall.

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Jonathan McHugh