Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Unikraft Weather Report

The Unikraft Project During 2022

Unikraft ( is an open source unikernel development kit, aiming to get efficiency, speed and security through specialization. During the past year, we updated the Unikraft release model to have more frequent releases allowing for features to be made available sooner.

In this talk, we present the update release, governance, an inner workings of project and present the major technical features added during the past year, together with challenges encountered and the road ahead.

We will highlight the major technical features added since FOSDEM 22 (release 0.7) until FOSDEM 23 (release 0.12): SMP support (x86, ARM), introduction of Musl as the standard library, update of scheduling implementation and API, virtual memory, security features, new internal libraries (posix-futex, posix-socket, posix-event), new system calls.


Photo of Razvan Deaconescu Razvan Deaconescu