Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


The Actor Model as a Load Testing Framework

Scalability under load. The holy grail of much of a developer's life is that our software survives its beginning. The system went live. Made it to production. Got its first user. But surely, the true test of good software is how it lives up to expectation over its lifetime? After all, you wouldn't say a bridge or building was successful just because the first 100 cars made it across safely. In other forms of engineering, things are load tested under demand either by weight, shocks or overload. As a software developer we should be ensuring SLAs or exploring error conditions under extreme load. But what is “load” in the context of software? And how do we test its many different definitions? In this talk, I will present a relationship made in heaven, the relationship between the actor model and the answer to these questions. I will also introduce you to a library that applies all this knowledge in a ready-to-use dependency.


Photo of Nelson Vides Nelson Vides