Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Jubako, a new generic container format

A new file format to store contents all together

Jubako is a new generic "container" file format. It allows you to store content and metadata is one file. You can read your data from the file in a efficient manner, without uncompress/extract the data from the file. We will also see Arx, a file archive (equivalent to tar/zip) which use Jubako.

Jubako is a new generic "container" file format. It is to storage what XML is to serialization. It specify how you store things but it is up to you to define what do you want to store.

Jubako support:

  • Arbitrary content
  • Arbitrary metadata
  • Selective compression (some content may be compressed while other may not)
  • Efficient random access (no need to extract the data to read it)


Matthieu Gautier