Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Snap! - Build Your Own Blocks

A visual programming language for Computing Education

Snap! is a Scratch-like programming language that treats code-blocks as first class citizens instead of confining them to an editing modality. Snap! has been developed for UC Berkeley’s introductory computer science course named “The Beauty and Joy of Computing”. Embracing nested data structures and higher order functions Snap! lets learners create arbitrary control structures and even custom programming languages with just blocks. Thus, Snap! bridges the space from low-floor motivational introductory activities to supporting sophisticated rigorous studies of computer science. In this presentation members of the core Snap! development team will deliver a hands-on demo of exemplary projects that exhibit our understanding of both "fun" and intellectual stimulus.


Photo of Jens Mönig Jens Mönig
Photo of Jadga Huegle Jadga Huegle