Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Hybrid Networking Stack Demo

The battle between user space networking and kernel networking has been ongoing since the dawn of high performance Data Plane Frameworks in 2010. With the transition of networking applications to the cloud-native paradigm, developers have had to weigh the benefits of flexibility vs. performance for their applications, and sacrifice one of these attributes for the other at a significant cost. Due to the latest innovations with eBPF, AF_XDP and Cloud Native Data Plane (CNDP), there is a unique opportunity to develop a hybrid networking stack that leverages the best of both worlds (kernel smarts and user space performance). As such, developers no longer need to pick one attribute over the other. This Demo will showcase a CNDP-FRR vRouter an example of a hybrid network stack!


Photo of Maryam Tahhan Maryam Tahhan