Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Building External Evangelists

What should be the primary goal of every community team

Congrats, you have a community team! Maybe if you are lucky, you have some DevRel folks too! In many companies, the community or DevRel teams are small, impossibly small for the work that needs to be done. If you are like most companies I have talked to, your job in one of these roles is to gain lots and lots of adoption, “Grow the user base,” your boss will tell you. The issue is how does a team of 1 or a handful of people build and support tens of thousands or even potentially millions of users… the answer is you don’t. Rather the goal of most teams should be to support and grow external advocates and evangelists who can do the work for you. Hiring 2 people to tell the world how awesome your software is can only reach so far… but if those 2 people get 1000 people to tell their story that has a massive reach. So how do you build such a system? How do you measure it? I will walk through what I have learned when talking to hundreds of community teams over the last 5 years and share with you what I have seen works and what does not.


Photo of Matt Yonkovit Matt Yonkovit