Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Self-service Kubernetes Platforms with RDMA on OpenStack

K8s, OpenStack and RDMA are just like oil, vinegar and bread?

Azimuth helps users self-service create Science Platforms, such as JuyterHub and Slurm. Sometimes this requires self-service creation of RDMA enabled Kubernetes clusters. OpenStack can use SR-IOV using VF-LAG to provide RoCE RDMA within VMs. We make use of K8s Cluster API to provision K8s using OpenStack servers. We then use multus and macvlan CNIs to give k8s pods RDMA networking. Testing the performance is automated using a Volcano based K8s operator. We are working on also bringing this power to OpenStack Magnum.


Photo of John Garbutt John Garbutt