Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Secure payments over VoIP calls in the cloud

How to architect an oncall live payment system in the cloud using Kamailio & RTP Engine.

Just using OSS, namely kamailio and rtpengine and using a public cloud provider for hosting (it can be anything), we want to share how we have put an oncall live credit card payment system PCI/DSS certified together. We will also go through the infrastructure parts and networking requirements that show how we also did this to be stateless as possible and horizontal scalable towards anyone's need.

This will be a company sponsored talk by people that advocate for OSS technology adoption. On the call center industry it is often needed to process payments while on call with customers, Talkdesk is a cloud native contact center solution provider where customers demand such feature for their daily usage. The talk goal is to show how we at Talkdesk have replaced proprietary resources previously in use, just by OSS namely kamailio & rtpengine and how we have architected a new solution for oncall live credit card payments PCI/DSS certified. We will go through some of the issues we were having before with a proprietary dependent implementation and on how we replaced it by a totally new solution totally owned by Talkdesk that just replaced the old buggy proprietary based implementation. We will also share how we made the implementation secure, stateless, scalable PCI/DSS certified also being cloud native.


Nuno M Reis