Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


AMENDMENT The New EU Interoperable Europe Act and the Reuse of Software in Public Administration

Implications for OSS in Public Administrations

The European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR) Team will present the Interoperable Europe Act (IEA) and its implications for the free and open source software ecosystem. The text, which the European Commission adopted as a proposal in November 2022, aims to reinforce the cross-border interoperability of the public sector in the EU. Practically, it aims to facilitate “the co-creation of an ecosystem of interoperability solutions across the EU”.

To achieve this, the regulation sets up a two-layer governance structure (the Interoperable Europe Board and the Interoperable Europe Community), with both entities expected to work closely with open source experts, institutions and companies.

This session will in particular dig into the mechanisms meant to enable the sharing and reuse of interoperability solutions between public administrations.

The OSOR Team will present the measures of the proposed Act that support the sharing and reuse of software and cross-border interoperable solutions, such as

The two-layer governance structure—the Interoperable Europe Board and the Interoperable Europe Community—with both entities expected to work closely with open source experts, institutions and companies.
Interoperable Europe Agenda: the strategy for the coordination of public investments in interoperability solutions. Interoperable Europe Portal: Single point of entry for information related to cross-border interoperability, Interoperable Europe solutions and interoperability solutions provided for by other EU policies. Interoperability Assessment: Obligatory when creating or modifying IT systems for public services with cross-border aspects. The content of the assessment will be adopted by the IE Board. Regulatory Sandboxes: Controlled environment for the development of interoperable solutions.

After the presentation, the audience is invited to discuss the new EU proposal with the OSOR Team, as well as how the European open source ecosystem can support this policy effort as members of the Interoperable Europe Community

Please note that this talk was originally scheduled to be given at 11.50 but starts earlier to cover for cancellations of other talks just before the schedule freeze.


Photo of Ciarán O'Riordan Ciarán O'Riordan