Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Decentralized Social Media with Hachyderm

Growing into medium scale, incident report, and forming Nivenly

In November of 2022 over 30,000 Twitter users decided to create an account on my Mastodon server running in my basement. By the end of the month I had scheduled time off my job as a Principal engineer at GitHub and began the process of legalizing an entity to protect the service. The rack of hardware began to topple over due to the increase in load, and I found myself instantly responsible for 30,000 passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and access to several extremely popular technologists personal direct messages. This is the overview, research, hypothesis and outcomes that came from the mass exodus of Twitter. Learn how I was able to form a cooperative entity to combat the impact of ruthless capitalism in Silicon Valley in the name of a sustainable free and open source social media service.


Photo of Kris Nóva Kris Nóva