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09:00 Back to sources: what's in your binary? Welcome Future of Mobile Automation Testing, Appium steals it gnucap -- recent work and directions Why should we take an interest in Open Design? Making the GAFAs obsolete Computer games – not as easy as it looks Welcome to the Perl devroom! Lua API for RTC Services with Kamailio GlusterD-2.0 Kubernetes 101 What does "Monitoring" mean? Closing loops Introduction to Pandas
  Gomobile Schema
  Into Geospatial Devroom
  Containers in Pure Perl
09:30 Patently Prepared Implementing 'tail -f' Desktop security, keeping the key to the castle safe German weather data with R QUCS project update Beyond that fancy logo [diaspora] The state of diaspora* and the decentralized social world Rapid backend prototyping for a geolocation-based mobile game Welcome to the Desktops DevRoom 2017 LPI Exam Session 3 Python and "the SOLID principles"
  AMENDMENT KDE SlimBook Q&A Data Science for Community management
09:45 Open Media devroom introduction Small languages panel Introduction to Ceph cloud object storage
  Taking containers from development to production AMENDMENT Impromptu Q&A about Prometheus and Grafana
  Mutants, tests and zombies
10:00 Portfolio of optimized cryptographic functions based on Keccak Write a Better FM Outlook CalDav Synchronizer gobpf - utilizing eBPF from Go The PTags Linux Security Module Intro to semantic annotations for geographic web maps in HTML Integrated Spice Simulation with Kicad Mozilla Open Design [caliopen] Privacy index metrics in digital communication WebCam based games GlobalISel - LLVM's Latest Instruction Selection Framework 10 years of Open Source Innovation in Online Video Storing metrics at scale with Gnocchi How I survived to a SoC with a terrible Linux BSP
  Perl6 as a First Language
  Bundling KDE Getting Your Issues Fixed
  Kopano Protect your freedom to operate with Open Patents
10:30 High-performance IoT Using Go and Gobot Panopticon Khartis - How to simply create thematic maps in three steps Discussion session on analogue simulation tools When Cultures Clash The future of decentralised communication, identity and reputation with Matrix Drawing based game design Live Streaming with Nginx, RTMP and Kaltura An introduction to functional package management with GNU Guix Storage overloaded to smoke? Legolize with LizardFS! Selinon
  Connecting End Users and Developers With the Requirements Bazaar gRPC 101 - building fast and efficient microservices Trace Everything
10:45 Profile-Guided Optimization in the LDC D compiler Building a Universe with Perl Retro desktops for retro computers Handle Conflict, Like a Boss!
  Is the GPL a copyright license or a contract under U.S. law? GitLab CI: (almost) effortless Open Source CI
11:00 The Making of a Secure Open Source Password Keeper Bridging the Gap between Legacy Docs and Modular Content Yet Another repoman Footprinting for security auditors Beyond Trust - PostgreSQL Client Authentication Find the best place in the city Rust ELBE BOF SpinalHDL Designing in the open - The UX of UX [nextcloud] Cloud Federation Living Orb Open Source Support for TTML Subtitles User interfaces with Guile and their application Hacking midi devices with StepPy Open Source Car Control
11:15 go-git AMENDMENT Ceph and Gluster Community Update
  Mailing List, Meet CI F as in Freedom Haiku, a desktop you can still learn from Mentoring 101
  Docker for Perl[56] People
11:30 How to audit, fix (and be merry) with OpenSCAP & Foreman Google Summer of Code 2016 @OSGeo Tutorial: my first hardware design Get designers involved in your open source project! [cozy] Decentralize & Recentralize on Cozy 0xFF Adding 16-bit Character Support in LLVM Creating a LITE transcoding Workflow with OSS Hacking with Guile… GrimoireLab OPENChrom BOF
  Supercharge your collaboration with an Open Source Wiki Kubernetes Operators Graphite@Scale or How to store millions metrics per second
11:45 High performance and scaling techniques in Golang using Go Assembly Can strace make you fail? Informal Domain Specific Languages in Perl 6
  The Linux Desktop for the Rest of Us CANCELLATION Strategy for developer outreach
12:00 It's time to SAFE the Internet What open source and J.K. Rowling have in common tslib release party Simulation of MITM in PEAP with hostap Tour de Data Types How to break the OpenStreetMap RBLD.IO Digital hardware design Our Open Source Design collective [Group] [freifunk] Access is a human right openEMSstim What's new in GStreamer land Composing system services in GuixSD Evaluating NVMe drives for accelerating HBase LibreOffice Exam Session 1 Script the Web with Weboob Kernel DLC Metrics, Statistic Analysis and Bug-Patterns
  Why we need a legal framework to operate a Trusted Service Provider successfully Success Stories from the OSD community
12:15 LLD from a user's perspective
  libuv Testing web applications with traffic control Promoting your FOSS project to university student designers
  Simple Number Theory in Perl 6
12:30 Easily creating location-based applications with OSMAlchemy FLOSS Tools for High Level Synthesis Design feedback in Open Source FFDN Creating GPL'ed multimedia assets GPAC: delivery of VR/360 videos using Tiles Corporate WebDesk Overcoming Culture Clash Python Data Structures implementation
  OpenStack Magnum at CERN AMENDMENT Alerting with Time Series
  Prove with SPARK: No Math, Just Code Reflections on Adjusting Trust: The Mozilla Root Program Declarative Pipelines in Jenkins
12:45 The state of Go Reproducible packaging and distribution of software with GNU Guix Ceph USB Storage Gateway AMENDMENT Kubernetes+GlusterFS
  Managing DEPENDENCIES in containers
  Cloud Native Java Development
13:00 Securing Automated Decryption RISC-V Analyze terabytes of OS code with one query Is the Linux Desktop less secure than Windows 10? AMENDMENT Bringing the Semantic Web closer to reality: PostgreSQL as RDF Graph Database 'Open Notices' - alpha DNS BOF Discussion session on HDL simulation and synthesis tools Accessibility in Open Source guifi.net Can open source open minds? Using clang as a Frontend on a Formal Verification Tool Overview of Upipe modules for broadcast professionals Cloud Native Python Loco Positioning: An OpenSource Local Positioning System for robotics
  Changing the Image of Perl CRI: How Kubernetes really runs containers I contributed ! But what now ?
13:15 Free Software In Europe's Public Sector Network freedom, live at the REPL!
  SOFA - Real-time multi-physics simulation
  AMENDMENT Go lighting talks Notes from the Trenches Singularity Grafana - Past, present and future
13:30 Increasingly permissive or increasingly dismissive? WTF my container just spawned a shell airspace-v.com Ruby bindings for Libgerbv Opening up accessible design Privacy in practice for self hosting Presentation of Hellink, an educational game about Open Data Media Analysis tools Ceph and Storage management with openATTIC LibreOffice Exam Session 2 Debugging Hung Python Processes with GDB
  Do You Want to Retry?
  OSIS - Open Student Information System Open source is just about the source, isn't it?
13:45 Using LNT to track performance
14:00 WireGuard: Next Generation Secure Kernel Network Tunnel Free Software For The Machine Alyvix: Under the hood From text logs to extensive automatic monitoring Smart card forwarding Evolution of Fault Tolerance in PostgreSQL Creating georeferenced digital elevation models from unmanned aerial vehicle images Xorn: A new approach to scripting for gEDA/gaf Finding your users’ needs Let's de-Google-ify the Internet Tablexia Dissecting media file formats with Kaitai Struct Classic Applications in a Confined Ecosystem Natural script writing with Guile Asynchronous programming with Coroutines in Python Success and Failure in Building an Open-Source Software Platform for Autonomous Driving Systems PGP Keysigning zerocat.org BOF
  Hold my beer and watch this!
14:15 SELinux Support over GlusterFS Building an Accessible Community
  Energy data Panel of European legal entities for Free Software projects
14:30 TLS Test Framework Infer Open Source Map Rendering with Mapbox GL Native KiCad Project Status Interviews as user research libre.sh helps you to host your FLOSS Hero.Coli, learning synthetic biology by playing: an update Mutation Testing AV1: Status update Mes -- Maxwell's Equations of Software cgroupv2: Linux's new unified control group hierarchy Monitoring Kubernetes with OMD Labs Edition and Prometheus Python and Raspberry Pi Device Tailored Compositors with the QtWayland Compositor Framework
  From Gtk to Qt: An Strange Journey, part 2
14:45 Web Development and Perl 6
  Like the ants
15:00 Encrypting Matrix Tempesta FW An open Gravimetric Phenotyping system Creating a dashboard with Laravel, Vue and Pusher AF_KTLS - TLS/DTLS Linux kernel module Infrastructure Monitoring with Postgres Working with spatial data in Go Diving into the KiCad source code Architectural font digitisiation and design OpenWISP2 Snap! Build Your Own Blocks Modern Fuzzing of Media-processing projects Adding GNU/Hurd support to GNU Guix and GuixSD Deploying Ceph Clusters with Salt LibreOffice Exam Session 3 How to run a stable benchmark From zero to first test in your own LAVA laboratory NixOS community meet-up
  FOSS and the GDPR Electron
15:15 Puffin Security Enhanced LLVM
  GridSound : A free HTML5 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Troubleshooting Kubernetes Social aspects of change
  Using Containers for Building and Testing Making Camelia Fly Faster Visualize Your Code Repos and More with Gource
15:30 Usable Cryptography with José Big Spatio-Temporal Datacubes on Steroids ...and Standards Footwork Designing MuseScore FreedomBox, liberty inside the cloud. Polymorph AES67 Workflow management with GNU Guix prompt_toolkit Testing with volcanoes - Fuego+LAVA
15:45 Open source behind a web request Hyper-converged, persistent storage for containers with GlusterFS
16:00 Quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography User Session Recording for the Enterprise Interledger - Internetworking for Money How We Talk About Free Software Legal Tools Transform your monolith into a nice SOA app Get the most out of your security logs An overview of PostgreSQL's backup, archiving and replication What to expect from MySQL 8.0? Kitnic.it and 1-click BOM GNOME Recipe App YunoHost Goal Rush Convergent functions and function parameters AES70 Getting started with guile-wiredtiger Community Round Table disucssion asynctest Adding IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN to an Embedded Linux Device
  Perl 5.24, 5.26, and the Future of Perl 5
  LLVM at Red Hat Running virtual machines in containers Deploying Prometheus at Wikimedia Foundation
  FOSDEM infrastructure review Test your docs Introduction to Boost.Geometry Kube
16:30 Don't Send An Engineer To Do A Lawyer's Job Discussion session on PCB development tools Developers looking for designers? Pitch your project! [Group] The Internet Cube / La Brique Internet Escoria, a libre point'n'click framework using Godot Engine Open Media devroom wrap-up Future of Guix Ceph weather report Sharing power in our communities Optimization with PuLP OpenPowerlink over Xenomai
  Geography on Boost.Geometry
16:45 Announcements and Lightning talks
  Closing [Group]
17:00 Using Linux in Air Traffic Control
  Closing FOSDEM 2017