Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography

a gentle overview

The goal of this talk is to give a simple insight of what quantum computing is, what makes it so different; to see when it poses a threat to existing crypto solutions and when it is not.

This talk will show what quantum computing is: how cubit is different from an ordinary bit and what new opportunities this provides. We'll take a look at algorithms important for cryptanalysis. QCL — a free software tool to simulate quantum computer will be discussed as well.

In the second part of this talk an impact on widely used cryptographic algorithms will be discussed. Algorithms resilient to quantum computing will be reviewed. Codecrypt — a free GPG-like software for postquantum crypto will be discussed.

Note: this talk is intended to be an understandable overview, not a completely strict and full introduction to the subject.

Erratum: As was noted after my talk by one of the listeners from the Oxford University, slide 9 "Qubits: implementation" contains outdated information about quantum storage progress: the latest result allows to store it for several hours instead of 1.75 sec I mentioned. Impressive progress. Thank you for your input, friend, sorry I don't know your name.


Andrew Savchenko