Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


The Linux Desktop for the Rest of Us

The Past, Present and Future of Zorin OS and a Vision for the Linux Desktop

This talk will highlight the lessons learned from creating Zorin OS and the Zorin Desktop environment, how various optimisations have made our Linux desktop even more approachable and how the wider community can work together to spread the power of Linux to new classes of users around the world.

Over the past 25 years Linux has slowly dominated nearly every class of device – from the ubiquitous smartphone to the servers that run the world. However, the desktop computer has remained the elusive form factor for Linux.

The Linux desktop has matured over the years to be more user-friendly, but it has yet to fully cross the threshold to become a true mainstream platform. Is this because we need to work more on the technology, or is it that we need to ask ourselves different questions about the goals behind our FLOSS desktop projects?


Photo of Artyom Zorin Artyom Zorin