Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Finding your users’ needs

Researching motivations, activities and problems of your users

UX Design is often understood as creating an interface and testing if it is usable. But it can also include finding out what would be useful and serves users’ needs.

Methods to analyze user needs exits, however, they may assume a lot of resources or don’t consider community driven work.

We want to demonstrate methods we used for Wikidata and Mediawiki to * research user needs * use the findings to improve our software

We want to particularly highlight

  • How to do this with few resources
  • How to involve an open source community
  • How to involve team members who are not designers

We hope to enable participants of the session to use the methods in their projects and communities and encourage to develop the methods further.


Jan Dittrich
Photo of Charlie Kritschmar Charlie Kritschmar