Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Changing the Image of Perl

Beginning of this century, because of perceived stagnation in development, and flamewars, and obfuscated Perl, and the rise of other programming languages, and other reasons, the attitude towards Perl became negative. We noticed and cared, so we stopped the flamewars and the obfuscated code, we organised more and better conferences, workshops and hackathons, we made sure we are more friendly and helpful to newbies (and oldies), and in general we become more visible. Things changed so much, we nowadays even get compliments at open source conferences! I will talk about our booths and devroom at FOSDEM, and our Perl-presence at other open source conferences, and our own Perl-swag.


Photo of Wendy G.A. van Dijk Wendy G.A. van Dijk