Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Get designers involved in your open source project!

💻 + 🎨 = 🙂 how we do it at Nextcloud

Designers are not allergic to open source – it often is just quite difficult and frustrating to get involved. Gladly there are some easy methods to make UX & UI folks feel welcome and get them contributing! :) This talk will show the methods we use at Nextcloud – which successfully helped us build an active and welcoming design team.

Some of these methods include: - Describe clearly what your project does - Being welcoming to designers - Involving design from the start - Using design tags in the issue tracker - Have an easy landing page to get involved - Cultivating a culture of design-driven decisions - and more! :)


Photo of Jan-Christoph Borchardt Jan-Christoph Borchardt