Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Promoting your FOSS project to university student designers

Getting HCI MSc students involved in open source software!

Whats not to like!

I've had agreement from a university in London to propose a number open source software projects to a HCI masters programme for studnets to carry out usability evaluations as part of their MSc in HCI programme.

I would like to do a short 10 maybe 15 mins proposal to members of established open source projects which would be able to take the feedback from "the top 2%" of student evaluations and incorporate them into their software.

I would outline what the criteria for the projects would be (still to be decided), and also what the students would do for the project and how they would send the recommendations to them.

Essentially, it's a gathering of interest exercise. It'll be super quick. Please accept me!

I'd be happy to do this at the end of the day combined with something else if necessary.


Photo of Bernard Tyers Bernard Tyers