Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


GitLab CI: (almost) effortless Open Source CI

an introduction at how testing with gitlab CI is advanced, yet simple to manage

Since version 8.0 GitLab has been including GitLab CI as a core functionality. Doing this made the open source project one of the top contenders for self-hosted (often on-premise) environments. Making the integration between gitlab and gitlab CI so strong has allowed the project to take away much of the traditional pain of setting up CI. In this talk we'll look at what GitLab CI has to offer these days.

We'll look through how to set up a simple job in a git repository all the way through making it a pipeline that runs jobs in parallel on remote machines in docker containers. We'll look at what the strengths and the weaknesses are and give some tips for running a GitLab CI environment in production.