Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


GNOME Recipe App

From Thinking On to Acting On

GNOME Recipe App is all about food. We all love food. We want the recipe app to be community driven. GNOME people all over the world will be entering their favourite recipes and also they will be able to cook delicious things using the GNOME recipes.

This is not a new idea. Looking all the way back to 2007, the idea of a GNOME cook book was already around ( For one reason or another, we never quite got there. But the idea has stuck around. With the upcoming 20th birthday of GNOME next year, we thought that we should make another attempt at this app, maybe as a birthday gift to all of us. Once we release the app, we will start to collect the content and print as a cookbook.

My talk will be shortly about how we decided to build the GNOME Recipe App as a community, how i started to work on mock-ups, how Jakub Steiner (design) designed them based on my mock-ups and how Matthias Clasen (engineering) implemented them.

My real motivation with this talk to explain how we had fun while working on the app and encourage designers to contribute open source projects more.

You can see the demo video and landing page design on the files screen. Plus you can also visit our wiki page for more details. (

I also want to talk about connecting the user experience, the technical requirements and the business requirements together is important in product discovery and development process. And for this, being a good communicator between teams in an organization is a key to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Many designers divides up building a product into two distinct parts – design and development. There is always some technical questions I’m receiving from Matthias that can heavily influence my design decisions. Those questions should be asked and addressed as early as possible by talking with Matthias and Jakub. Recipe app starts and continues with discussions between design and engineering.
In terms of interaction, visual design and implementation, details reveal themselves as the product is being built. Instead of handing off pixel-perfect designs to the team, it is far more better to design alongside them as we build it.

We will keep developing our app!


  1. I want to see all delicious food recipes from all over the world.
  2. I want to add recipes from my mum, grandmother
  3. I want to select my favourite recipes for later use
  4. I want to see what ingredients are needed for the recipe
  5. I want to see ingredients photo and explanations in the ingredients page from A to Z
  6. I want to keep track of what ingredients you’ve added and steps you’ve completed in each recipe by checking what you’ve done. I want to follow the cooking process from the beginning stage to the end stage. For example which stage I’m at now. Preparing the ingredients, which ingredients are put into the bowl… All things need to be checked when it’s completed. Timer should start when it is in the oven. preparation made simple with step-by-step instructions
  7. If I’m following a person I like, I want to see the other recipes he cooked, other recipes he favourited, his origin, his favourite foods (mentioning it by country or by ingredients)
  8. On the landing page I should see the recipes that matches the countries I choose, ingredients I choose and my favourites and the people I’m following
  9. Want to print the recipes so I can put them on my fridge
  10. Make easy recipe adjustments with in substutions and conversions within each recipe


  1. We won’t build a web site. It will be only a GNOME app for GNOME community
  2. There won’t be recipes from cookbooks (Copyright issues).


Emel Elvin Yildiz