Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Corporate WebDesk

Building the next corporate applications

Learn how to create a Corporate Web Desktop combining HTML, .NET, OAUTH2 and Container technologies

Join us to discover how we combined HTML, .NET, OAUTH2 and Containers technologies to create a Corporate Web Desktop, composed by several applications that can interact as one, big, mainframe system.

In this talk the attendees will discover: 1. How we evolved from Server-side rendering (ASP.NET...) to Client-side rendering, with Angular 1.X and Bootstrap, leveraging current skills. (And how our developers loved the change) 2. How we leveraged existing .NET knowledge to create simple REST Services that runs in Windows, Linux and Mac, thanks to Microsoft's Open Source effort with .NET Core and Docker support. 3. How easy Identity Server project ( can handle the most common authentication and authorization relaying on OAUTH2. 4. How you can combine those four technologies to create a Corporate Web Desktop, with centralised access and login, dashboard/widgets and much more.


Photo of Sergio Sisternes Sergio Sisternes