Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Khartis - How to simply create thematic maps in three steps

Khartis results from an observation: how can we create easily a statistical map, with a few clicks, without loosing the scientific accuracy and rigor while processing the data? Khartis is not the first mapping tool available online! It is, however, one of the few to propose different perspectives of the world representation among which the cartographer will choose. In order to feed the tool with data, you may want to retrieve from the Khartis website the data used to produce the maps given as examples or to import or copy / paste your own datasets. The base maps are geo-referenced and allow you to work on the proposed entities (countries, regions...) but also on objects identified by pairs of coordinates. You can choose between several projections (besides Mercator) and configure the visual appearance of your data.


Paul Girard