Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Retro desktops for retro computers

From 8-bit to Atari, Amiga & friends

Got an 8 or 16-bit antiquity in your cupboard? You can find a Free Software desktop for it! From Contiki to MiNT, AROS and others, there's one for every machine.

C64, Apple II... those old machines gathering dust can run Free Software. The Contiki Operating System even provides a multitasking desktop and a web browser.

Likewise, the Atari and Amiga 16-bit machines all have FLOSS OSes and desktops you can try (or "almost" like RiscOS (non-commercial license)), and FLOSS applications like the NetSurf web browser to run on them.


Photo of Fran├žois Revol Fran├žois Revol