Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Testing with volcanoes - Fuego+LAVA

Embedded testing going distributed

LAVA and Fuego are great tools individually already. Combining and extending them allows for a much broader test coverage than each tool alone can provide. In this presentation, Jan-Simon Möller will present the features of the combined infrastructure and highlight the tools and work done to integrate both tools. Also in focus is how to distribute the test infrastructure across multiple sites to include more boards. In the end we'll discuss the lessons learned and future developments.

The focus of this talk is to share the experiences made and lessons learned so ppl can integrate such tools better in their own environment. It also raises the pain-points and open issues when setting up a distributed environment.

Especially for Automotive, Long-Term-Support, CIP or Consumer Electronics, advancing the Test-harness is essential to raise the bar and strengthen the confidence in our embedded platforms. Automated testing can improve our ecosystem from two sides: during development (feature does work and does not break things) and during maintenance (no regressions through backports).


Jan-Simon Möller