Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


[cozy] Decentralize & Recentralize on Cozy

Learn the real value of your data, using cozy

It is probably unnecessary to explain the perils of a GAFAM centralized web in this devroom. But we offer the idea that recentralizing one's data into a personal cloud allows for MORE than only privacy.

In today's web our data are kept into silos. Several companies each own a fragment of one's digital identity. Google has the emails, Facebook has friends pictures, mobile providers have a timeline of my location, my events are so mixed up.

As FOSS developer, it is our responsibility to provide an open-source alternative to these. But convincing friends and families of the importance of it is not easy, an it is not possible to replace a network-effect system by just doing an open source alternative.

We posit a possible first step is to move (or at least copy) our data from the cloud, aka someone's else computer, back to one's computer. And then to use all this data comming from different sources to create mashups that silos cannot provide.

In this talk, we will create one such use case, from retrieving some data from a provider, mashing it up against some of user's data and providing a new usage. This app is made as a simple web app, installable.


Christophe Thiriot