Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Making the GAFAs obsolete

Decentralizing the servers with the personal cloud approach. Introduction to the Personal Cloud and Self-data approaches: having your own open-source server, handling your own data locally, with innovative services

Surveillance: the case for personal Cloud and against GAFAMs

The concept of Personal Cloud

Demonstrating a personal cloud instance and its innovative usage.

Most of the Western population now uses 3 different kinds of computers: PCs, smartphones and Cloud services. Where is the room for Open Source and Free Software in this new world? Software freedom is possible on the PC side, it's already quite challenged on the smartphone world, and too little is being done on the Cloud side. A lot of Cloud services run on open source software, but offer in the end proprietary services that centralize user data. As Edward Snowden's revelations have demonstrated, all of this makes mass surveillance economically possible.

What do we do as a community to avoid mass surveillance? What alternative do we build?

One possibility is the Personal Cloud movement, where a server (self-hosted or not) runs a platforms that enables personal data collection through connectors in order to run innovative apps relying on that personal data.

During this short presentation, we'll see how data centralization leads to mass surveillance and how a personal cloud works.


Photo of Tristan Nitot Tristan Nitot