Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Monitoring Kubernetes with OMD Labs Edition and Prometheus

Prometheus is an open source monitoring tool - unlike traditional tools like Nagios, Prometheus implements a white-box monitoring approach: Applications actively provide metrics, these metrics are stored in a time-series database, the time-series data is used as a source for generating alerts. Prometheus comes with a powerful query language allowing for statistical evaluation of metrics. Many modern infrastructure components have Prometheus metrics built-in, like Docker's cAdvisor, Kubernetes, or Konsul. Prometheus' service discovery mechanisms make monitoring these components very easy.

The OMD Labs Edition is a collection of proven monitoring tools like Nagios or Icinga together with newcomers like InfluxDB and Grafana to provide a best-practice monitoring platform with advanced features like multi-tenancy. OMD Labs Edition bundles exclusively open-source tools and is itself developed open-source.

By adding Prometheus to its stack, OMD Labs Edition is also ready for cloud-native applications. As such it eases the integration of traditional monitoring with the needs of dynamic cloud monitoring.

This talk gives an introduction on how to integrate Kubernetes monitoring using Prometheus into the OMD Labs Edition.


Photo of Michael Kraus Michael Kraus