Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Privacy in practice for self hosting

One of the main issue with centralized internet services is the commercial exploitation of people private datas, and the relative lack of security of those data against states actors among others. Yet, being self hosted and using smaller provider do not automatically grant protection, and few people do have a concrete idea of what steps are needed to efficiently protect the privacy of others when hosting services, inspired by the policy of Mozilla, riseup and several others groups trying to do the right things

This talk will mostly speak of the steps required for respecting privacy, with a focus on privacy beyond "The NSA is trying to catch me", showing how even the best intentions do result in problem for some users, and how sysadmins and activists can set their systems to protect users without burdening them, and how things are most often more subtle than we think, in the context of hosting services.


Mickael Scherer