Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Securing Automated Decryption

New Cryptography and Techniques

This talk covers an alternative to key escrows using new cryptographic techniques implemented by the Clevis (client) and Tang (server) projects.

Keeping secrets is tough. It is hard enough when you have control over the full computing chain. But now we are expected to keep secrets while storing those secrets in cloud and SaaS infrastructures. At least we can trust the network providers, right? Of course, the answer is to encrypt the data. But then how do we know who should have access to the data and when? This talk will look at the new strategies and cryptographic techniques implemented by the Tang and Clevis open source projects. Tang forgoes complex (and compromise-prone) key management infrastructures by using simple algorithms to bind data to third party entities. Clevis permits sophisticated unlocking policies that go beyond simply password management to true attributed cryptography. Come see how to integrate Tang and Clevis into your infrastructure or software project!


Photo of Nathaniel McCallum Nathaniel McCallum