Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017

schedule helps you to host your FLOSS

Get up and running with in 20mins \o/

Free Software on the desktop was cool in the 2000s, but nowadays, we need FLOSS as a Service. If you go to dropbox, you signup with your email/password, boom, you get your cloud. If you go to, the call to action is "download". We'll never reach the 99%, we need a signup button on every free software landing page. is paving the way toward that direction. The first step is to have an infrastructure to orchestrate these softwares.

During this presentation, I'll show you how we leverage the power of docker to manage hundreds of containers that deliver FLOSS as a Service for the 99%. I'll quickly explain why we choose docker. Then, I'll dive into showing, live, how to setup a full server with:

  • HAProxy with let's encrypt
  • Rocket.Chat
  • GitLab
  • ELK (for log collection)

And all in less than 20 minutes. So then, you have no excuses to not host free software for you and/or your organization :) in numbers:

  • installed on 5 servers (4 different organizations) (that I know)
  • running hundreds of containers
  • offering 24 different applications (chat, git, cloud, mail...)
  • with a wide range of different stacks (MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS...)
  • and 4 modules (log collection, monitoring, backups, proxy)
  • developped since 2 years


Photo of Pierre Ozoux Pierre Ozoux