Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Building an Accessible Community

What happens when you stop looking at diversity and instead put accessibility into the core of an event? This talk will be about the experience of doing exactly that. We will be looking into some of the solutions WordCamp London came up with and the cost of building accessibility into a project.

We talk about accessibility a lot when we write code, whether that is writing good documentation, comment blocks or creating a good user experience. When it comes to our user groups and events, accessibility is not usually on the forefront of our minds.

At WordCamp London, the organising team made accessibility the key goal of the event. We wanted to see how far we could push being accessible and how much effort it would take.

This talk is for any event organisers, community evangelists or managers who are looking for solutions to help grow their communities. Wong will be talking about the challenges of organising an accessible event, including how they degendered content, added child care facilities and helped the hard of hearing. We will look at the cost of each accessible feature, explore the unexpected benefits of an accessible event and discuss the lessons were learnt on the way.


Photo of Jenny Wong Jenny Wong