Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Why should we take an interest in Open Design?

Thoughts and initiatives to open the creative process

We know the expression ‘Open Source’; what about ‘Open Design’? How could we define ‘Open Design’? Design creative process is not disclosed. The secrecy around it is of the utmost importance in order to prevent the original creations from being stolen. The different stages of the process and the techniques used are only known by those involved in the design. How could we call this stance into question and open the creative process? This talk will present existing initiatives and thoughts to make Graphic Design and Open Fonts fields more available to the public.

First I will introduce graphic designers and typographers who open their process: why do they share their practice? why is it interesting? how and why is it useful? I will talk about originality and copy: we should not be afraid of copying. Moreover copying can be an opportunity to improve the original design. About Mozilla rebranding: I will point out some suggestions to further that initiative. How could designers take part and get committed? Finally I will give designers food for thought to defend their work, explain and communicate it, and better collaborate with their team and people who are not designers.


Photo of My Lê My Lê