Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Creating GPL'ed multimedia assets

Open source games are even more open source if not only the source of the game engine itself is available, but also all the other assets, such as sprites, samples, soundtracks et cetera also have their source available. What is source in the context of multimedia assets? And how can we create those assets in a more source-like way?

In this talk I will briefly point out the importance of source code, and why this is also important for multimedia assets. I will show some file types, and discuss whether or not they are source, and if not what would be their source. Finally, I'll give a real example of creating music in the way a programmer would write C or Python code, and compile the source of this music with a makefile into an Ogg Vorbis file. I hope this will bring more awareness about the need for source code of multimedia to game developers, and hopefully it will inspire others, including programmers that think they are not artistic, to create those assets, to share them, and to be able to learn from and modify them.


Guus Sliepen